Linux Engineer and advocate for freedom and transparency


I’ve worked on both onsite and remote engagements, aligning technology with business requirements and providing knowledge transfer to the customer based on specific customer goals and performance expectations. I’ve written custom SELinux policies and migrated both Unix and Windows systems to RHEL, including script conversion and cross-training administrators on Linux administration. My experience includes but is not limited to SAN and NAS attachment, NIS, performance and capacity management, Kerberos, LDAP, and architectural design.

Aside from my Github repos, I’ve contributed to tito, contributed to etckeeper, and contributed to exmap .


Verify my relevant certifications. These include:

  • RHCA Red Hat Certified Architect
  • RHCSS Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
  • RHCDS Red Hat Certified Data Center Specialist
  • RHCVA Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator
  • RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer

Specific experience

International Securities Exchange (ISE)

Sr. Linux Engineer, January 2011 – Present

  • Designed the strategy for deploying Linux to two new data centers
  • Implemented an in-house RPM to use Active Directory for Linux authentication and access controls
  • Introduced Puppet for managing Linux builds

Red Hat, Inc.

Senior Consultant, October 2009 – December 2010

  • Provided in-depth expertise at customer facilities
    • Design and deploy complex enterprise solutions
    • Develop and deliver team-oriented solutions
    • Custom SELinux policies
    • Deployment systems
    • In-house packages
    • HA clusters
    • Performance tuning
    • Federated sign-on

Instructor III, October 2007 – September 2009

  • As a senior instructor and examiner, delivered hands-on exams and training with live systems to onsite customers and open enrollment classes:

    • RH442/EX442 Performance tuning and monitoring
    • RH436/EX436 Enterprise storage and clusters
    • RHS429/EX429 SELinux policy writing
    • RH423/EX423 LDAP with Red Hat Directory Server
    • RH401/EX401 Deployment with RHN Satellite Server and Virtualization
    • RHS333/EX333 Advanced security
    • RH300/RHCE RHCE rapid-track
    • RH253 Network services and security
    • RH133/RHCSA RHCT administration
    • RH033 Linux essentials and scripting
  • Courseware Author

    • Wrote the RHEL 5 version of RH442 Performance Tuning and Monitoring, including rewriting the course from the ground up to deliver real-world skills for senior administrators and architects
    • Acted as Subject Matter Expert for other courses, contributing content and labs on SELinux, SMTP, OpenSSL, BIND, and scripting
  • Member of the Red Hat Certification Team

    • Worked on special projects as needed
    • Processed (graded and audited) exams for Red Hat Certification
    • Worked on data feed to public-facing websites with Oracle back-end
    • Provided production support to examiners world-wide (Red Hat employees, Training Partners, and contractors)
    • Handled customer support tickets involving certification issues

Instructor I, March 2006 – September 2007

Delivered hands-on exams and training on live machines for Red Hat classes, including all classes and exams listed above. Acted as Subject Matter Expert, creating content for Red Hat Enterprise Linux courseware.

Independent Consultant, 2002 – February 2006

Analyzed customer needs and systems, then developed proposals to meet those needs and win contracts. Prepared documentation as required by clients. Recommended technical and operational enhancements to clients.

Clients included county governments, city offices, law enforcement agencies, and private businesses.

Integrated networks and systems for client companies using appropriate tools for the clients’ needs, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory, and numerous third-party applications. Hardware included white box as well as leading server platforms with some Cisco routers and switches.

Typical applications included web hosting, content management systems, backup servers, email servers (Sendmail, Postfix, Exchange), web+spam filtering, firewalls, databases, Windows Terminal Services, ISDN, and frame relay.

Kleberg Bank

IT Director, 1999 – 2002

Developed ISO 9000-style policies & procedures to document technical and operational systems. Achieved top OCC compliance rating for IT.

Directed technology side of a core processing conversion from outsourced to in-house running on IBM iSeries (AS/400) with DB2. Wrote complex RFP and helped evaluate vendors on a team with upper management.

Reduced tech spending and improved stability by moving to a total thin-client infrastructure based on Windows 2000 Terminal Services. Wrote application compatibility scripts to support the old, out-sourced EDS/Aurum core system, then developed scripts for the new system (JHA Silverlake).

Built a WAN using Cisco routers, frame relay, and DS1, enabling bank to open branches and bring ATM processing in-house on budget.

Built a sophisticated intranet system with ties to Exchange Server, DB2, and other applications to implement federated sign-on, project management, directory, prospect tracking, customer pipeline, officer call, document retention, OFAC checks, and more.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

1995 – 1998

Spent several months as technician, then promoted to Microcomputer Services Supervisor, then promoted to Interim Director of Distance Learning.